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Betting rules

In case one of the participants is disqualified for any reason in the started tennis match, or refuses to play, or is unable to continue the match the match ends untimely all bets including online bets are calculated as follows: bets including bets placed on statistical data - total of the ace, total of double falls, etc.

The participant is considered to have lost if he is disqualified for any reason, refuses to play or is unable to continue the match. Suppose the participant refuses to continue the match when the score is All the bets placed on first set total 6.

In case of incorrectly specified number of sets in the match the bet amount on handicap and total is refunded. The bet on the result of the match remains valid. Wrong indication of court coverage in any championship cannot be basis for considering the bet void.

If a tennis match has been delayed or interrupted, the bets including On-line bets remain valid up to the end of the tournament to which it refers until the match continues or one of the players refuses to continue.

In tennis handicap and total are indicated in games. Bets on the correct score in a tennis match all the unfinished games and sets are in favor of the winner. The corresponding columns in the line are marked as The Organizer at its sole discretion may set bets on other probable events in tennis, for example: total of the ace, total of double falls, total of tie-break. A volleyball match has no time limitation and is played in sets. Each set continues until one of the teams scores 25 points.

Teams play until one of them wins 3 sets, so the maximum amount of sets is 5 In case of score the defining 5th set continues until one of the teams scores 15 points while keeping the aforementioned mandatory condition of winning by two points at least In case of score teams play until one of them gets a 2 points advantage over the opponent.

Bets on a certain score in a volleyball match. The corresponding columns in the line are accordingly marked as, etc. Bets are also accepted on other probable events in volleyball, which will be offered in the program. The match is played in 4 quarters. In Olympic water polo tournaments each quarter is 8 minutes.

Each team is allowed 30 seconds to shoot the ball. If there is a tie at the end of regulation time, 2 overtime periods are appointed, each 3 minutes long total 6 minutes. Overtime is appointed until there is a winner. RULES The present Rules of bets accepting, funds deposit into and funds withdrawal from a gaming account of the betting company cafe-4gen. Client — a person who bets with the bookmakers company on an event outcome. Outcome — a result of the event eventson which a bet is placed.

How is the amount of Insurance calculated? The present Rules came into force on Dec 31, The betting company cafe-4gen. Clients are responsible for breach of this regulation. A client is responsible for breach of present rules. In the case of violation of these regulations, the company reserves the right to refuse payment of any winnings and already invested stakes as well as to Отзывы о работе в букмекерских конторах any bets.

The company takes no responsibility for knowing if the user is a member of one of the mentioned groups. This means that the company is entitled to undertake any necessary measures at any time after the user has become known as being a member of one of the mentioned groups. Terms of bets accepting odds, handicaps, totals, limits on maximum stake, etc. Before betting a client should find out all changes in the current line.

The betting company reserves the right to decline a bet without giving a reason. Examples of circumstances where this would apply are: a. In this case the correspondence of odds is required. In case of any amendments to the present Rules, clients are notified by corresponding announcements.

Bets which are accepted from a specified date are subject to the Rules changed.

Terms and Conditions

Bets which had been accepted before remain unchanged. All bets registered at the betting company are valid. Bets cancellation is possible only in accordance with the present Rules. If an Internet connection failed while accepting a bet confirmation by a client, it does not constitute grounds for a cancellation of this bet. Any bet is a confirmation of the fact that a client agrees to the present Rules and accepts them.

The event results declared by the betting company are the only grounds for calculations of bets and winnings. All claims to event results, date and actual time of an event beginning are considered together with the package of official protocols of corresponding sports federations.

All disputes are adjusted within 5 days as from the date of a bet. The information given in a tournament headline has an auxiliary character. Possible mistakes in such information do not constitute grounds for bets refund. A client can register only one account.

Once registered a client is not allowed to create another account under a new name, a new e-mail, etc. If this rule is violated, the administration of the company reserves the right to block the newly registered account for a period of investigation up to 2 months.

If this incident of multiple registration is confirmed, the company has a right to cancel all bets of this new account winnings.

The Company reserves the right to ask the client for more personal information passport data, registration etc.

Poker all in betting rules (2019)

In connection with the cases: different types of fraud, multiple accounts by a single user, repeated violations of rules betting company has the right to carry out the identification process by video conference. The betting company does not recommend two or more clients to place bets from one IP-address from the same computer or the same local area network in order to avoid suspicion of collusion cheating.

In such cases it is necessary to reconcile the possibility of the game with cafe-4gen. The betting company has the right to block the account of such clients and ask them to send the documents verifying their registered identity. The betting company reserves the right to block the accounts of clients who have reported false data, as well as to deny them the payment of any winnings.

At the request of the company the client must present an official document with a photograph, identifying his identity a passport copyand also proof of authenticity of the indicated address data and telephone.

Clients are required to bet only on their own behalf. Recurring bets containing the same selections from one or more clients can be recognized as invalid and get canceled by the company.

Even after the official outcome of such bets is known, in cases when the company is confident that Users have acted in collusion or as a syndicate, or suspicious bets have been made by one or more clients Кассир букмекерских a short period of time, such bets may be considered invalid and get canceled by the betting company.

The client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information related to their account, and shall take all measures to prevent the use of personal accounts by unauthorized persons. Any operations confirmed by the username and password of the account holder shall be valid and have legal force.

The client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information related to their e-mail, and shall take all measures to prevent the use of e-mail address by third parties. All operations on playing accounts are made in the currency chosen by the User during registration. Payout might be checked within 20 twenty calendar days by the Security Department.

The betting company reserves the right to inform clients about special promotions and new products by telephone and e-mail. A maximum bet is determined for each event by the betting company and depends on sports and an event. For several events with different limits on a maximum bet included in an multi or a system bet a maximum bet is set equal to a minimum rate.

The maximum winning for one bet is 5 RUR or its currency equivalent. The betting company reserves the right to limit a maximum or minimum bet on special events as well as to limit or increase a maximum bet of a certain client without any notification and giving reasons.

Acceptance of multiple bets on one outcome or a combination of outcomes from one player can be limited by a decision of the betting company.

A bet is considered to be accepted after its registration on the server and its on-line confirmation. Registered bets are irreversible and irrevocable. Once a bet has been confirmed, its amount is withdrawn from a gaming account. Bets are accepted before an official event beginning; event date, time and corresponding comments, given in the Early market, are approximate. Any bet placed after an event has started will be cancelled, except for Live-bets i.

Such bets are considered to be valid till the end of a match. Should a bet be cancelled, then a single bet payment will be refunded.

If a bet on one or several events included in multi and system bets is cancelled, no winning calculations will be made. If winnings are calculated incorrectly e. Provided that the bets placed during the period between incorrect calculation and recalculation are considered to be valid. All sports events are considered to be postponed or cancelled only in accordance to official documents provided by championship organizer, official internet sites of sports federations, sports clubs and other official sources of sports information.

The betting company reserves the right to cancel the bets even after the end of the event if these bets are won by the User as a result of a technical failure or an obvious error.

The Company does not accept any bets or provide services to customers on credit. All bets must be confirmed with funds existing in the account of the User. A bet is to be cancelled Бетсити зеркало старая версия работающее на сегодня case a client deliberately misinformed the stuff of the bookmakers company by means of representing false information and claims in respect of bets, winning payout, event results and other information and claims of similar nature.

The above mentioned incidents are valid in respect of minors under 18 and their parents as well. It is necessary to predict a score of a match on regular time. The betting company can also offer other types of bets. If a result of the completed event is for some reason cancelled or changed after some time disqualification of a team or players, referees, carrying conditions, etc. While calculating bets an actual start time of an event is taken into account which is approximately defined under documents of organizing officials; if there are no such approved documents, then it is defined on the basis of official sites of sports federations, sites of sports clubs and other sources of sports information.

Valid results are those that are taken from official protocols and other official information sources immediately after an event has been completed. When settling results company will do its utmost to attain itself to information obtained first hand during or exactly after the Как доказывают договорные матчи has been concludedthrough TV transmissions, streaming web-based and through other sources as well as official sites.

In this case the disputed bets can not be appealed. No responsibility is assumed by the company for the mismatch of date and time to an actual beginning of an event. Date and time of an event beginning represented in the line are approximate. At bet calculations an actual start time of an event is accepted. It is determined under official protocols of organizing officials. Claims to event results are accepted within 5 calendar days from the moment of event completion under official protocols on event results of organizing officials.

If a client places a bet on the event the result which is known to him, such bet will be cancelled. In this case the bookmakers company makes a decision after a special internal investigation. All actions related to this bet will be temporary suspended. An event is considered interrupted if there was no play for an indispensable amount of playing time specified according the Rules of the company, even if the result at which the event Букмекерская контора 1хбет результаты interrupted is later confirmed to be final.

In case the event which has not yet started is postponed for no more than 72 hours the bets remain, and in case 72 hours pass the bets are refunded. The started event may be interrupted, i. The event which has been interrupted and has not been finished during 24 hours is considered completed if played for no less than: Soccer — 70 min Futsal — 30 min Basketball NBA National Basketball Association — 40 min Eurobasketball — 35 min Hockey NHL National Hockey League — 54 min Bandy — 80 min Grass Hockey - 60 m Eurohockey — 50 min American football — 50 min Baseball — 5 periods innings in these cases the outcome the actual result of the event considered to be completed is the result recorded at the moment of interruption of the event except tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton.

In all other cases the event is considered to be not completed, including interruption of the match at the time of tie in those sports where tie is not allowed basketball, baseball, NHL hockey playoffs, etc. If the event has been interrupted and is considered to be not completed, those outcomes which are determined at the time of its interruption and do not depend on the final result of the event for example, the team will score, who will score the first goal the outcome of the first half, etc.

If a bet has been made on any asset before the expiration date chosen by the participant, the bet is no longer circulated on the world market, the bet is payable with odds 1 only at the end of the expiry period. If a match is not completed and is considered as incomplete, then all bets on it are refundable, except what is mentioned in point 6.

If it does not contradict the special rules of individual sports, the result announced on the day of the match is taken for the result of the match. Any possible changes in the result, conditioned by the revision of the results of the event by governing bodies and disciplinary penalties of teams, for the purpose of betting, are not taken into account, and the initial results of the calculation of bets remain in force. If it does not contradict the special rules of individual sports, when an event participant for whatever reason cannot take part in the event which was bet on, the bet is considered valid and lost by the client.

If a match is not played to its end and is considered to be incomplete, then those outcomes, which are definitely determined by the time of its interruption e. Only If an international match is moved to another country, all bets are refundable.

Rugby-Former Wales coach Howley apologises for betting breaches

If more than one player or a team is declared to be a winner of a competition, odds on these players are divided by the number of winners. If a player, who is a member of a team a soccer player, an ice hockey player, a basketball player, etc. Call - If there has been a bet on the current round of poker play, a player may call.

The act of calling requires the player to match the current bet made by his or her opponent s. Bet - If there is not yet a wager on the current betting round, a player may bet. If a player bets, the player immediately clockwise from him or her and any subsequent players may fold, raise, or call.

On each betting round, betting continues until every player has either matched the bets made or folded if no bets are made, the round is complete when every player has checked. This is when it is determined who wins the pot, as players show their hands one-by-one. It may be the case that there is no showdown. In this case, the player doing the betting or raising wins the full amount of the pot. A player who does not have enough chips to call a Не зайти в бетсити is declared All-In.

The player is eligible for the portion of the pot up to the point of his final wager. Киевское Динамо уничтожило Бешикташ.

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